Dont Be Fooled By Cable Companies Covid 19 Bill Payment Waiver

Comcast claims they will not cut anyone's service off while we all go thru this quarantine from the horrible coronavirus that's spreading all over the world. Many people have been laid off and or haven't been able to work. Non Essential businesses have been closed for weeks which would make paying bills a lot harder. Though this news of them sustaining their customers service during these times is somewhat true they fail to explain a few things people should know before taking the option to prioritize their bills.

This morning I had a friend call me frantic and in disbelief of how her cable company tried to strong arm her into paying her cable bill. Guess what company she uses? Yup, Comcast! She was behind in paying her bill and called two days prior to pay the bill and the sales rep assured her that during these times if she needed more time to pay they will not terminate her service because of their Covid 19 policy. She then decided not to pay the bill right away and use the money for something of higher priority.

Fast forward two days later she awakens to find she only has a few channels and not all of her channels she normally has. After a frustrating call with Comcast she was told that cable is a luxury and that because she was past due they are only allowing her to watch news channels and no other channels. She reminded them of her call a couple days ago and during that call they never made her aware that this would be what happens to people who are behind on their bills. They didn't care! They told her that they wont turn off her internet or phone but the cable is a luxury and until she is caught up with the entire past due amount of $512.23 she would only be able to watch the news. No BET, MTV, VH1, Bravo well you get the message lol. After paying the total amount to get her full channel lineup back she felt as if they had bamboozled her.

In the end she would have to pay them regardless but do you feel this treatment ok? I told her she would be better off owning a unlocked firestick. With these new streaming devices the customer has more control over the content and save a ton of money. If you or someone you know is struggling with cable and high cable bills visit and check out the Unlocked Firesticks offered as well as the IPTV service and thank me later!




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I’m trying to pay my bill and I can’t find a way to pay it at I’m watching the game and the TV don’t cut off

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