Internet Speeds Slow Down 8% to 20% During Covid 19 Pandemic

Some people have contacted us over these past weeks wondering if their laptops have a virus or if they need their firesticks updated due to the lack of speed. Do not panic many others are having the same issues. While for most there is nothing wrong with your device the problems stem from the amount of people online due to being home from the pandemic.

This means more gamers playing online, more people working from home, more people streaming content online and much more. We can see the results of this as we even upload a video on to social media sites as well.

Unfortunately upgrading your services will not help this issue. What will help is to limit how many devices you have online on your own network but this will only do but so much. The other tip is to connect via Ethernet connection. This will be the very best option to keep this speed strong!


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