Try This If Your Macbook Is Acting Up

Try This If Your Macbook Is Acting Up

One thing I like about apple computers is they don't make many variations. In laptops you get the MacBook the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air. Those three products are quite similar to repair so if you fix one you can confidently fix another model with a little assistance sometimes from

Β In my years of doing computer repair I have noticed that this little trick works quite often on most models who glitch for some unknown reason. That little trick is to boot up the computer holding (command) (alt) (p) and (r) keys. This is known as a P ram reset and will do the trick 50% of the time for most issues that are not serious and also most software issues pretaining to boot up.

Like i said before its not 100% it will fix your issue but I can assure you that doing this will not hurt your laptop in anyway. If it dont work you dont lose anything!

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